Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What I've learned...

School has been extremely busy- for example, we have 3 exams (2 quizzes, 1 midterm) in ONE SUBJECT alone. Whew! It's been impossible to get 8 or 7 hours of sleep.

Okay, talking aside, it's been awhile since I've invested my emotions in... a guy. It's nothing really big. Some of my friends would notice that I wanted to look pretty (re-touch my make-up, wear nice jewelry), and I'd really plan on things to text him. Until I noticed that he was being too friendly with this other classmate of ours. I started feeling bitter and jealous- and I didn't like it. I talked to God about it... I really did let myself go quite far. I finally realized... that he wasn't much of my type (I like guys with Chinese or chinky looking eyes, smart, creative, and the list goes on). Most of it was really just stupid and flimsy emotions. Because emotions do change very easily.

So the lesson there for me is not to let myself go very far (in relationships).

Okay.. I know. It's a bit shallow, and not really a big deal but I wanted to talk about it here, so there. I do hope though that this can help someone in the future. :)

By the way, I got a 80something prelim grade in Statistics(passing is 65!)! Yeeeaaah!!! XD

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yeah~ it's my birthday

And no, I'm not treating you. LOL.

Thanks to the early morning greetings from my friends and classmates. That was touching :) (I got a greeting from him too! *giddy*) Thanks to Alvin Delos santos (yes, I announced your full name :D) who sang Happy Birthday with the rest of my classmates in Organic Chem. Nakakatuwa kayo, guys.

I still went to school- I mean, having my birthday isn't an excuse, right? We had seatworks done in Statistics, and class in chemistry is going to be cancelled til Friday. That's not a very good thing for my professor (unless she really wants to rest) because I was told she slipped, fell, and is now confined to the hospital.

I actually wish we had classes till Friday, so that we don't have to bother with make-up classes during the weekends.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Frostwire and more American Idol reviews

If anyone else has been using BearShare to download music, then you must have also been experiencing the same situation as I have- they don't have a lot of songs to download.

Thank goodness, my classmate told me about Frostwire. It has tons of songs for downloading and she tells me it's safe. (I'll let you know when I am virus infected >_> ) This is the beauty of having a nice program that isn't Limewire ( a lot of people get viruses from that program).

I'm currently using it and loving it! I highly recommend that you use it too!

Now, on to American Idol

This is David Cook's best performance so far! I absolutely (and I do mean, ABSOLUTELY) love this song and am spreading the infection by letting other people hear it. In my Organic Chemistry class there were a couple of people singing it too!

Now, I am not a Kristy Lee Cook fan- but I personally love this song (Forever). I had the cassette tape of Mariah's album at that time and "Forever" and "Always Be My Baby" are my favorites. Kristy got eliminated from the show though. I think it was time for her to go.

By the way, has anyone seen "Chuck" it's about this guy living his mundane life and all of a sudden he knows all these government secrets in his head. I just saw the first episode on Crime and Suspense (AXN Asia will start the series on May 5 I think). I like it, I may keep watching it every Monday (maybe around 8 pm, I was a bit late since class ended at 7 pm)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Another new layout?!

If you've been keeping up with me, you must be getting a bit tired of it. But I've finally decided to stick with Blogger's templates (since I recently figured out that, it was the reason I couldn't get my own blogroll. I'm doing it for the blogroll and the other lovely gadgets I can attach to my blog.

So, I'm sticking with this unless Blogger comes up with new templates. Hopefully :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I love the internet speed in the library! I'll be coming here more often!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Turning 20

In a couple of days, April 23 to be exact! XD

It still feels weird though, not only is my age going to start with a 2_, but I have classes that day. And long exams a couple of days after.

If you want to really knock my socks of, I'd love a DSLR (camera)!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fighiting girls on YouTube

I am apalled and disgusted that YouTube allows people to post videos of girls fighting- and I'm not talking about simply shouting at each other,these girls are beating up other girls.

Now, if you'd let me rewind a bit. I was up late watching Good Morning America and they showed this video of a group of girls cornering and beating up this girl and posting it on YouTube. The reporter said that the girls will have to face legal consequences and that they feel no remorse at all. So, this is what entertainment has become. How disturbing!

I'll be flagging some inappropriate content on YouTube (in other words: reporting inappropriate content). It is dangerous to be letting people, especially kids watch that. It is also me letting them know that it is not okay that they allow these kinds of uploads! Notice also that I'd usually, put in a video, but in this case I won't. No way.